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COVID-19 and IPS

The IPS Employment Center recommends that states and sites temporarily suspend conducting IPS fidelity reviews until resuming IPS implementation with in-person services. The IPS Fidelity Scale is a validated tool that measures the level of IPS implementation. The degree of implementation correlates with competitive integrated employment outcomes. Remote fidelity reviews have not been studied.

Alternatively, some state implementation teams have plans to observe IPS unit meetings or mental health treatment teams remotely to provide technical assistance without attempting to score items on the scale. While these activities are not fidelity reviews, they may help teams maintain adherence to the evidence-based approach as much as possible during the pandemic.

The stress caused by COVID-19 has been substantial for all of us.  When it is not possible to provide accurate fidelity reports, agencies should be spared the extra pressure of fidelity reviews. Instead, consider using the Virtual Consultation for IPS Quality Improvement (Parts A and B) to help IPS teams stay focused on high performance and provide them with feedback on what they are doing well.  The forms are available in the website library.


Events & Announcements


New document alert! The IPS Advocates Committee of the International IPS Learning Community wrote the new resource on partnering with family members in IPS, which you can find here. You can also find it and many other helpful resources in our document library.


We’ve added some resources to help provide virtual quality assessment during the COVID pandemic when IPS fidelity reviews are not recommended. The two new documents (Virtual Quality Improvement Plan Part A and Part B) can also be found in the document library.


We have a new page on our website! It features webinar videos on a range of topics, from sleep disorders and substance use to motivational interviewing and mindfulness for care providers. Click here to see our IPS and Wellness Webinar Series. Or you can always find it in the top menu under Library > IPS and Wellness Webinars.


Check out the latest in our series of issue briefs. Find our Implementation Guide for State Leaders issue brief and all our other issue briefs in the document library.


Registration is now open for our Supervisors Skills Course. Sign up via the course page under the training tab.


We’ve added some information to our website on strategies for providing IPS services during COVID-19. Read more on our blog or as a pdf in our document library. And thank you all for your continued efforts to support IPS clients during this challenging time.


We’re pleased to announce an expanded partnership between the Westat IPS Employment Center, the Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation (CSAVR), and the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors (NASMHPD) to provide practical information and tools to state mental health (MH) and vocational rehabilitation (VR) programs to increase competitive, integrated employment outcomes for individuals with mental illness.  You can read more in these statements from NASMHPD and CSAVR.


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