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The IPS Employment Center

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We have a new course! The course is for non-employment practitioners, like counselors, therapists, housing specialists, peer specialists, and others. Follow the link to the course page to learn more and sign up.


We have a new committee – the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Committee! Learn more about the committee here and be sure to look for future updates from them in the document library under the new EDI Committee category.


The IPS 25-item fidelity scale is now available in French. Click here to start using it – or find it in the document library under fidelity tools.


Learn more about funding sources for IPS in this new article by Debbie Becker, Sandy Reese, and Claire Courtney in the latest issue of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal.


We’ve shared two new issue briefs in our document library. Go to the library or click these links to read about Measuring Access to IPS and Employment Outcomes for Historically Underserved Groups and State-Level Barriers and Facilitators to IPS Implementation.


Check out this new report from our colleagues at WDP (Westminster Drug Project) in the United Kingdom. The report summarizes the results of a program to bring IPS to those receiving addiction services and shows that IPS can be successfully implemented in substance use treatment clinics. Learn more here.


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