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COVID-19 and IPS

The IPS Employment Center recommends that states and sites temporarily suspend conducting IPS fidelity reviews until resuming IPS implementation with in-person services. The IPS Fidelity Scale is a validated tool that measures the level of IPS implementation. The degree of implementation correlates with competitive integrated employment outcomes. Remote fidelity reviews have not been studied.

Alternatively, some state implementation teams have plans to observe IPS unit meetings or mental health treatment teams remotely to provide technical assistance without attempting to score items on the scale. While these activities are not fidelity reviews, they may help teams maintain adherence to the evidence-based approach as much as possible during the pandemic.

The stress caused by COVID-19 has been substantial for all of us.  When it is not possible to provide accurate fidelity reports, agencies should be spared the extra pressure of fidelity reviews. Instead, consider using the Virtual Consultation for IPS Quality Improvement (Parts A and B) to help IPS teams stay focused on high performance and provide them with feedback on what they are doing well.  The forms are available in the website library.


Events & Announcements


The U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) recently published this factsheet on new funding opportunities for Competitive Integrated Employment. Explore the fact sheet to see if there are new funding streams that could benefit your state or agency.


The latest edition of our IPS newsletter, Employment Works!, is now available! If you didn’t get it in your inbox, you can find it here, and sign up to receive future issues by scrolling to the bottom of this page and subscribing.


Another webinar has made its way into our Video Archive. Sarah Swanson leads this webinar on The Role of Case Workers, Housing Specialists, and Mental Health Workers in Supporting Young Adults in IPS.


We’ve shared a new video webinar – head over to the IPS Video Library to watch the IPS Webinar with Bob Drake from the IPS Employment Center and IPS Leaders from the States of Illinois and Missouri.


Check out this announcement from our colleagues in Alabama of an exciting new initiative to feature IPS success stories through a series of testimonial videos. Learn more here.


A new document has just arrived in our library. Find our Funding Infographic – updated based on 2020 data – in the document library and learn about the different ways states use braided funding to support IPS.


The IPS Employment Center’s own Bob Drake will be giving a webinar on Recovery and Evidence on January 14th – learn more and sign up to attend here.


We’ve added a new online course. Learn more about the Online IPS Fidelity Course here. Registration will open in January.


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