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Role of Case Workers, Housing Specialists, and Mental Health Workers in Supporting Young Adults in IPS

A training webinar, given by Sarah Swanson of the IPS Employment Center, to discuss the benefits of IPS programs for young adults.

Using Individual Placement & Support to Assist Job Seekers and Workers with Mental Health Conditions

This webinar, courtesy of Social Policy Research Associates and the LEAD Center, will offer an introduction to IPS and explore the role of the workforce system in its implementation.

IPS and Martha’s Place

Courtesy of the Alabama Department of Mental Health (ADMH), in partnership with the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services (ADRS) and community mental health centers.

Introduction to Supported Employment

Working people discuss their experiences with IPS

Work and Recovery Through IPS

Alameda County IPS Supported Employment

IPS Specialist Job Preview

North Central Health Care’s video showing what being an IPS Specialist is like.

Wellness Benefits of an Exit Plan

Peggy Swarbrick’s presentation from the 2018 International IPS Learning Community Annual Meeting

Family Advocates for IPS Webinar

How to include family members in the employment plan. We would appreciate your feedback so that we can design better webinars for you in the future. Use this link to answer our short, anonymous, survey.

Engagement Webinar

This webinar is for IPS supervisors, IPS specialists and IPS peer specialists. The focus of the webinar is building relationships with job seekers, students, and workers in IPS services.

De Kracht Van Betaald Werk

Video from our Dutch colleagues in which an employee, IPS worker, and employer share their stories

It’s My Business

Employers describe their experiences with IPS

3 Faces, 3 Lives

Working people share their experiences

Job Development

Demonstration of an IPS specialist meeting with employers

Jeanne’s Recovery through Employment

In this first-person account of returning to work, Jeanne describes how employment helped her recover from substance abuse problems.

Vocational Rehabilitation Discussion Group

Vocational Rehabilitation counselors and supervisors discuss how they work with IPS programs

A Discussion on Benefits and Employment

What to Consider When Making Decisions about Benefits and Employment

Tennessee IPS Story

Tennessee’s Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services shared this story of John’s success working with IPS