The Online IPS for Non-Employment Practitioners Course

0 Hours

This short online course is intended for non-employment practitioners such as counselors, therapists, housing specialists, peer specialists, and others. The course reviews how employment helps individuals with their recovery, even if they continue to experience mental health symptoms, substance use disorders, homelessness, or other issues. And the course provides a short introduction to IPS so that practitioners can describe the program to their clients who are considering employment.

Participants will view videos of working people and practitioners, as well as read material and take short quizzes. Most people can complete the course in two hours. Those who go through the entire course can download a certificate of completion.

The course will open each month and close after three weeks.

For more information:

Start Date Registration Dates
First Monday of the Month through the last Friday of the month Entire month preceding the course, ending on the last Thursday of that month