Ronald’s concern was about how to get started with a job. One barrier he had was a serious driving violation. He also dreaded the job search because he did not have computer skills and did not want to complete online applications. When not working he did not have much self-confidence.

Ronald was living at a group home when he learned about Working Wonders Supported Employment. The IPS specialist helped Ronald to understand that his driving mistake happened a long time ago when he was not getting help for his mental illness – voices were telling him to speed up; the IPS specialist helped him to expunge this record.

Ronald was hired as a driver—his dream job. He received a regular paycheck that allowed him to pay bills, buy groceries, keep medical appointments, and more. He also overcame his fear of driving over the McCullough Bridge that is narrow and very high. After five years of employment, Ron was laid off and felt very discouraged. He partnered with supported employment again. Eventually Ronald was offered a Peer Driver position. He helps consumers access peer delivered and supported employment services. His driving schedule is full and peers trust him. Ronald states he likes this job and is making lots of friends. He has gained financial independence again. To be successful, Ronald used patience, perseverance, supported employment, skills he learned from his past jobs, and the support from his brother and friend.