Virtual IPS Young Adult Fidelity Review (IPS-Y) Training

Format Dates Length Registration Cost
Virtual Contact us to schedule a training Two 3-hour sessions Email: Contact us for pricing

A minimum of 8 people must book with Sue Morris or the training will be rescheduled.

Course Description

The virtual IPS-Y Fidelity Review Course provides information about how to conduct the IPS-Y Fidelity Review. Participants will learn about the 35 items and how to score them using the scale anchors. The interactive course will challenge participants to apply the information in different situations. The course also applies to IPS supervisors who would like to know more about the scale, or more about helping young adults with careers.

Course Topics

  • Fidelity as a quality improvement tool
  • Preparation for the review
  • 35-item employment and education items
    • Rationale for each item
    • Sources of information
    • Scoring
  • Consensus scoring
  • Report writing

Course Participants

The course will include 8-12 participants who are either fidelity reviewers, IPS leaders or IPS supervisors who want to learn about supported employment and supported education services for young adults.