The Online IPS Fidelity Course

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Course Description:

This course is for individuals who plan to become fidelity reviewers for IPS programs, for those who want to sharpen their skills as reviewers, IPS supervisors and agency quality assurance managers who want to have a better understanding of the IPS fidelity scale, and those who want to learn more about IPS Supported Employment. To earn a certificate of completion, students must complete all of the units and pass an test (which students may take a second time, if needed.) The course is a first step to becoming a fidelity reviewer–it does not certify participants who finish to become reviewers, but it is a first step to learning about fidelity or for brushing up on IPS fidelity review skills. Individuals who plan to become fidelity reviewers should also shadow an experienced IPS fidelity reviewer one or more times.

Course Schedule:

The course has three units plus an exam. Each unit will take a minimum of one hour to complete. Unit 1 will close two weeks after the course opens, unit 2 will close four weeks after the course opens, and unit 3 will close six weeks after the course opens. Participants can work ahead. A seventh week is provided to take the exam, but if a participant thinks he may need to take it a second time, he should take the exam early in that week.


Upcoming Course Dates

Start Date Registration Dates
February 8, 2021 January 4 – January 29, 2021