Supervisors Skills Course

0 Weeks

Course Description:

This online, interactive course explores the role of the IPS supervisor.  We provide guidance on honing supervisory skills that lead to satisfied, productive staff who share a common vision to continually improve program performance and job seeker outcomes.  We explore techniques to engage key stakeholders (e.g., agency leadership, vocational rehabilitation leaders, and other partners) to leverage their support for full implementation of IPS programs.  Instructors and participants share and discuss different ways to encourage staff to continually seek information about providing good IPS services.

Start Date Registration Dates
February 12, 2024 January 8 through February 2
June 3, 2024 April 29 through May 24
September 3, 2024 July 29 through August 23

Course Topics:

  • Introduction to Good Supervision Practices
  • Hiring and Retaining IPS Staff
  • Becoming an IPS Trainer (Train Your Staff)
  • Outcomes-based Supervision
  • Developing and Sustaining Your Program

Course Participants:

This web-based course is intended for people who are currently supervising an IPS program.

Course Format:

Each unit consists of 60 – 90 minutes of reading material, videos, and quizzes. Each unit also includes assignments. Supervisors will select the assignment for each unit that they feel would most benefit their programs. Participants submit homework assignments and discuss them with the instructor through email.

Course Schedule:

Participants may work on the course at any time of day or night, though sections of the course will shut down as the course progresses.