IPS for Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors Course

0 Weeks

Course Description:

This course includes information about research evidence for IPS (Individual Placement and Support) supported employment, the role of state vocational rehabilitation counselors in IPS, the eight IPS practice principles and how VR counselors can use those principles. People who complete the course receive a certificate of completion as well as 3.0 clock hours from the Commission on Rehabilitation Counseling.

Upcoming Course Dates

Start Date Registration Dates
September 26, 2022 August 22 through September 16
January 16, 2023 December 6, 2022, through January 7, 2023
May 8, 2023 April 3 through April 28
September 25, 2023 August 21 through September 15

Course Topics:

  • The Role of Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors in IPS
  • IPS Practice Principle 1: Zero Exclusion Criteria
  • IPS Practice Principle 2: Competitive Employment
  • IPS Practice Principle 3: Integration of Services — Collaboration
  • IPS Practice Principle 4: Personalized Benefits Planning
  • IPS Practice Principle 5: Rapid Job Search
  • IPS Practice Principle 6: Systematic job development
  • IPS Practice Principle 7: Individualized, Time-unlimited Job Supports
  • IPS Practice Principle 8: Individual Preferences are Honored
  • Supported Education

Course Participants:

This web-based course is intended for Vocational Rehabilitation counselors. The title “Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor” is sometimes used in a generic manner. In this case, we refer to state agencies who help people with all types of disabilities to return to work.

Course Format:

The course is comprised of two units, which consist of reading material, videos, and short quizzes. Each unit takes about one hour to complete. In addition, participants complete one assignment during the five weeks, which they email to the instructor who then engages them in an email discussion about IPS.

Course Schedule:

Participants may work on the course at any time of day or night.