How to Apply

Application Guidelines

To inquire about membership, contact Sarah Swanson,

Selection Criteria:

  • Commitment to increase access to IPS based on collaboration between the state mental health authority and the state vocational rehabilitation administration in the United States.

  • Commitment to implement high fidelity supported employment services initially at 3-4 sites.

  • Commitment to include local sites that will submit simple quarterly employment/education outcome data.

  • Evidence of commitment to hire one permanent full-time IPS supported employment trainer.

  • Commitment to participate in the international learning community by attending the annual meetings with representation from leaders, a family leader, and a peer leader.

3-Step process for adding new states/jurisdictions:

Learn about the International IPS Learning Community

Information regarding Individual Placement and Support (IPS), the evidence-based approach to supported employment, can be found throughout this website.

The IPS Employment Center engages with interested leaders

We connect with interested leaders by teleconference/Skype/in-person to clarify expectations for joining and participating in the learning community. The goal is to implement the evidence-based practice in a sustainable way and increase access over time. During this engagement period, we look for evidence that the region is developing implementation strategies that are consistent with the critical components of the Supported Employment Fidelity Scale (2008).

Complete a written application

We invite leaders from states/regional areas/countries who are interested in joining the IPS learning community to submit an application letter.