This project aims to understand the role of employer-sponsored treatment programs for depression in the US and to determine the type and quality of care provided to the estimated 5.5% of worker population who have clinical depression. Through an environmental scan of the published and unpublished literature and key informant interviews with employers, directors of employee assistance programs and wellness programs, and senior staff in professional organizations, we will identify key elements of effective work-focused depression programs, where they are offered (such as through employee assistance programs, wellness programs, and disease management services), the spread of these programs, employer barriers to adoption of high-quality depression treatment services, and how accessible they are to employees.

Project Period: 9/30/16 – 12/7/17


Gary Bond, Ph.D., Principal Investigator

Debra Lerner, Ph.D., Co-investigator (Tufts University)

Robert Drake, M.D., Ph.D., Technical Advisor

Project Team

Cheryl Reidy, M.Ed., Project Manager

Jacky Choi, B.A., Research Assistant


Funding: Assistant Secretary for Program Evaluation