The goal of this study is to develop a supported employment/education model adapted from the IPS model for young adults (ages 16-21) with serious mental health conditions. By improving employment and education outcomes during this foundational time, we hope to divert potential trajectories of poverty and disability benefits dependence. We will develop a practice manual and fidelity scale and then pilot the program model in an open trial at two sites in Maryland. This study is being conducted under a subcontract to the IPS Employment Center, Rockville Institute, Westat as part of a research and training center grant awarded to the University of Massachusetts.

Project Period: 10/1/14-9/30/19


Marsha Ellison, Ph.D., Principal Investigator (University of Massachusetts)

Gary R. Bond, Ph.D., Co-Investigator

Deborah R. Becker, M.Ed., CRC, Co-Investigator

Sarah J. Swanson, M.S., CRC, Consultant

Funding: National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR)